Working in Mysterious Ways


" is a place for single Catholics to meet and match up with other young adult Catholics."

For me, signing up for, has brought two people together in the bliss of holy matrimony. The joy and rapture of romance has graced this beautiful young couple. Someday perhaps, it might happen to me as well. You see the couple that met actually never met through StRaphael's, but indirectly through two people who had signed up for their service. Here is my story which is their story.

I was searching around on trying to find the girl of my dreams, and came upon this young woman's profile from Connecticut named Christine. She seemed interesting and lived rather close by, only a state or so away. So I thought I would drop her an e-mail. It turns out that she was rather unimpressed with my profile and didn't bother to write me back. But when God wills someone to meet, it happens.

In the scriptures it often talks about God using our weakness to accomplish his will. He used my bad short term memory to bring about his divine plan. I wrote to Christine again, forgetting having written to her the first time. Unimpressed with the profile, she was impressed with my persistence and decided to give me a chance. So we ended up doing some things together. We soon discovered that we did not have a romantic attraction to each other but that we could be friends. One weekend while I was coming back from a wedding in Pennsylvania I decided to drop in on Christine and pay her a visit. While there she told me about a friend of hers who would be the perfect match for me. She described her personality and sure enough I wanted to meet her.

So we set up a date to meet each other. Christine would bring her friend Julia for me to meet, and I would bring a few of my friends. I love to introduce all my friends to all of my other friends. It's one of my greatest joys. I also love to gather large amounts of people for movie outings. It just so happened that the latest film from Pixar Studios, "Monsters Inc." had come out and I thought that would be a great film to all see together.

So I brought along with me, my close friend from College, David Patten and also decided to bring along my friend Jeff Wagner. I think in the back of Jeff's mind, he knew if I was going to meet some girl, it was well worth going as I had introduced Jeff to two of his previous girlfriends. That's a whole saga we can't get into now. But sure to say Jeff knew I had good taste in women and was probably looking for me to hook him up again, even if subconsciously.

So I introduced the guys to Christine and to Julia, the young woman from England. I had been talking to Julia online and convinced her to put on her English Persona during their first meeting. By the end of the film, she revealed her true identity. What a great first impression huh! After the movie I had to split with Dave for another commitment, but I left Jeff alone with Christine and Julia. Jeff alone with his guitar and his funky sideburns. At that moment, my shot at dating Julia was shot as Jeff sang his way into her heart.

But it didn't matter 'cause she was not meant to be mine, she was meant to be Jeff's. Myself and Christine were the vehicles that God used to bring this couple together, and I am happy that Jeff has finally found the girl of his dreams. I am happy that Julia found the man of her dreams.

I was honored to be one of the Groomsman in their wedding. I was honored that I played a part along with Christine, in bringing them together. I was honored that I could be a witness of God's love as they got married. I am honored to name them both among my closest friends.

One day their future children will ask how Jeff & Julia met and they can rightfully say, "Well it all started with my friend's bad memory." is a place for single Catholic's to meet and match up with other young adult Catholics. Even though I have not found the love of my life as of yet, there are so many WOG on this site (women of God), that I might just find her among the many friends that I have made. And even if one does not find the love of their life on this site, they may find the love of their friend's life on this site. May God bless you all in your search for love and happiness, trusting that the Father of Hearts will fullfill your deepest wants and desires when we as children lovingly ask Him to do so, never giving up hope that He will do just that.


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