A Lasting Encounter


"Our emails grew longer and more personal and soon we started chatting on instant messenger"

One day – out of the blue – a friend of my mother's gave me information about St.Raphael.net. In a long-term relationship at the time, I did not understand why she felt the need to tell me about this Catholic singles site but I felt compelled to keep the web address anyway.

After a series of break-ups and make-ups, I finally ended the relationship I was in and one night — feeling especially disheartened with my life I remembered the website I had hidden in a drawer. I found the address and was soon a member … that was New Year's Eve one year ago.

My 3-month membership ended and I was so thrilled with St. Raph's that I paid for a few more months. I had made so many new friends whom I found shared a lot of my beliefs and hopes for life. It wasn't surprising to find that a lot of us were jilted in one way or another and we helped eachother through our heartaches.

With the beginning of my second membership term, I noticed that I had been sharing a game of 'encounter' with one particular guy from Maryland. Matt and I continued the game until I finally gave in — intrigued by his profile and cute face — and emailed him saying something like "we've encountered each other so many times, just figured I'd write."

Our emails grew longer and more personal and soon we started chatting on instant messenger. Eventually we started talking on the phone. June 1, about one month after our first email, Matt made the 3 hour trip to my house and we met for the first time. I knew right away that Matt was someone very special. We had an incredible first date which included attending Divine Liturgy with my entire family.

My birthday is in July and I had planned on spending it in Maryland with Matt, but when I arrived I found he had become ill and was in the hospital. I met his parents and sister for the first time in the hospital lobby right before we all went up to see Matt in the ICU. Matt ended up staying in the hospital for a number of days and I stayed with him for a few of them. We spent the time praying together, talking and growing closer. We 'officially' started dating the week he left the hospital.

Although there are about 200 miles between us, not one weekend since then has gone by that we haven't spent together. Most of the traveling has been done by Matt although I did spend a few weekends with his family.

After the stay in the hospital Matt and I both knew that we would be together forever and so did our families and friends. Matt talked to my dad in September and soon after he proposed! Our wedding date is set for March 1, 2003, and yes, my mother's friend will have a front row seat.

Danielle #6861 & Matt #10002

Danielle & Matthew have since been married [read full story]


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