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On November 8th, 2003 Cary proposed after Saturday morning Mass.

It all began in a little village nestled by a babbling brook in an area far far away in two separate countries on two separate continents. The year was, no, the century was the 16th. But thats a story for another day (and much too long for this venue). To jump ahead just a tad, many generations later God brought Anne & Cary together via the St. Raphaels website.

We browsed each others profiles several times before any contact was made. Cary first emailed Anne in October 2001 and we soon started corresponding on a daily basis via the website. We eventually moved to personal email and chatting. In December 2001 we started talking on the telephone. We continued to talk and chat until our first meeting in April 2002. We live 350 miles apart. Cary lives in Ohio and I live in Ontario.

On Carys first visit we spent 4 days together. Our first stop during this visit was to St. Peters Cathedral Basilica (Annes parish). He returned for another weekend visit two weeks later just so we could go out for dinner (its a five hour drive). Anne made her first trip to Ohio in May 2002. After that visit we started seeing each other about every 2nd weekend.

On November 8th, 2003 Cary proposed after Saturday morning Mass. Our wedding date is August 28, 2004. We have started our marriage preparations. As well Cary is in the process of relocating to Ontario. We thank God every day for bringing us together. God created us for each other.


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