StRaphael Babies Born


Twins Born!!! Congratulations to Erin and
Brian who met on, were married, and are now blessed with twin
boys, Joseph and Brendan, shown here at 3 months old.

Bryan & Erin's Story
I first came to St. with a "Why not" kind of attitude. I’d tried the blind date, double
date, dating friends, co-workers, fellow church goers, strangers I'd met at the
grocery store, etc… You name it, I’d tried it and obviously had no success at
it. A friend's mother emailed me the StRaphael site and I checked it out.

At first it was nice to just be talking with fellow Catholic’s who
shared the same devotion to the faith. It was refreshing to know that there were good
Catholic guys out there! I enjoyed conversing with several different guys and
getting to know personalities via emails. I found it easier not to judge a
person when I got to know him in writing first. Then I met a few guys in my area
and even though those relationships did not progress romantically, I have made
some good friends from them. I also got to meet other Catholic women who share
some of my same concerns in life.

"It was refreshing to know that there were good Catholic guys out

Then I met one guy who, although he lives 1200 miles away,
we seemed to have too much in common not to attempt a relationship. After almost
six months we decided he should move near me so that we could further discern
marriage together. Thank you for providing

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