Mirrored Love


"Thank you St. Raphael network for being the key to our encounter that made our distance from east to west become bearable"

Jeff and I met here in August 2003. It was lovely. I camouflaged my profile picture as that of an "old and wrinkled woman" and this captivated him! From there, our friendship blossomed. Therefore, after much anticipation and planning during the past months since we were connected online via SRN, we finally met on December 17, 2003. I flew in from Manila to California. Jeff collected me at the SFO International Airport. I was happy and natural; excited and thrilled about our first meeting. Jeff was the same unassuming man who calls me daily from August 2003 onwards. He is the epitome of my ideal. Indeed, our first time 3D encounter was wonderful and empowering because it affirmed our growing feelings for each other.

Our Yuletide was spent in Yuma, AZ with Jeff's sister and her family. I met his friends and family in CA as well and Jeff met my relatives and friends who live in LA and SF area. On our drive back to SFO international airport for my departure for Manila on January 1, 2004, I finally accepted Jeff's marriage proposal to me. He is happy with my affirmation of his love for me. I was always afraid of marriage.

Jeff has given me so much more faith to believe in it. So we will wed on May 9, 2003. We are happy and in love. We mirror each other like we were a pair of identical twins. The only difference is our gender and may be, our color and again, our ethnicity. But other than those mentioned, we breath the same oxygen and dance to the same rhythm. We share the same taste and or preference on heaves of things- from food to drinks to values in life and expectations in relationships. Therefore, we gel, indeed.

Jeff is due to fly here in Manila on March 27 to meet my family; stay in the country for a week; fly to Thailand with me for a few days to meet my educator friends in the international school in Bangkok. I lived and taught middle school art in Thailand from '93 to '99. My friends are all so excited to meet him! We will fly to the US in mid April and then we will drive to AZ to start with our wedding preparation. Jeff's older sister has agreed to have our wedding in her home, which is quite touching. She is as excited as we are about our wedding plans. Moreover, she is helping as out on all matters concerning our wedding prep. Who wouldn't smile? Who wouldn't be touched by such wondrous gestures of love? We both are, Jeff and I.

Ours would be a simple garden wedding on May 9, 2003 with flowers abloom; with our friends coming for the occasion. In addition, relations who live overseas are likely to fly in Fernley, Nevada where we will have the ceremony. I will wear my Philippine national dress, the "Terno" for my gown and Jeff upon his insistence, will wear our Philippine national suit for men which is the "Barong Tagalog." We will post our wedding picture here in May.

Thank you St. Raphael network for being the key to our encounter that made our distance from east to west become bearable. Thank you as well to all our friends here at SRN, especially to those men and women who we met in FORUMS at Tobias, St. Anne and St. Joachim. God bless!


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  1. Anne-702606 June 14, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations both of you!

    Our God is a God of love and He can unite us wherever we are, all we need to do is pray, give thanks and praise Him only. There is no distance when it comes to two people who are seriously looking for a long term relationship. God has provided us with an advance technology whereby the world is now too small, we can communicate anywhere at any time. Our God is a God miracles.

    May God bless you and protect you always.


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