We Guarantee You’ll Hold Hands On This First Date.


On Spetember 6, 2004, Hands Across the States promises to be bigger than the 1986 ‘Hands Across America’ campaign. ‘For Our Children Inc.,’ a new charitable organization to help children is launching the event in the spirit of Pope John Paul’s Lenten theme whereby we are called to reflect upon the condition of children. The non-profit group needs 14.1 million people to form a 10,700-mile-long chain in support of the victims of child abuse and childhood hunger. Not only will the human chain symbolize the awareness of hungry and abused children, each person in line actually would represent one child who is either at risk of hunger or was maltreated last year. In addition, this chain will make a statement to the abusers and those who sit idly by that Americans will not let this happen in their country.

For Our Children, Inc., founded by a 28-year-old Catholic father and owner of Ursuline Press, Matt Wunderlin, motivates people to take action against the injustices to children in today’s society. He started this charitable organization to spread the word about existing child abuse and hunger in America. Mr. Wunderlin said, “Most people are not aware that 13 million children are at risk of hunger every day and that every 10 seconds there is a report of a child being abused in America. As members of the Catholic faith we need to set an example for others and act on our faith as Christ would have us.”

Hands Across the States will make a worldwide statement in support of helping children. While the For Our Children organization works daily to raise awareness and to raise funds to help children, this is the first large public event it will launch. On Labor Day, 2004, it encourages people to hop into the line to create a human chain across all fifty states and the District of Columbia. This chain creates a symbol of support for hungry and abused children nationwide, and it will be made up of caring people in America.

Mr. Wunderlin said, “This is the largest assembly of people ever attempted. It is a great opportunity for meeting new like minded people in a public and non threatening environment. Best of all it is free. And whether the line passes through your back yard or if you get to travel to someplace you’ve never been it leaves the day open for other great activities. Regardless, this Labor day is truly going to be memorable for years to come.”

To get the exact routes planned in your area, log onto http://www.ForOurChildren.us or call 608-320-1622 for more information. You don’t have to donate a dime or become a member to take part in Hands Across the States. Just grab the hands of your neighbors, friends and fellow compassionate citizens for one minute on September 6 at 10 a.m. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy with the warm feeling of having helped abused and hungry children nationwide.

Make this Labor Day a memorable one for children in need.

Matt Wunderlin
For Our Children, Inc.
637 West Lakeside Street, Madison, WI 53715
Phone: 608-320-1622
Email: matt@forourchildren.us
Web site: http://www.ForOurChildren.us


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