Giving Them Back to God


I (Daniel) wanted to give a quick description of our story. Kristen and
I met for the first time in August 2003. I was teaching a Catholic
Apologetics class, and the youth minister had invited her because he
thought she might also be interested in youth ministry. I still
remember her coming into the classroom—and I also remember my jaw
dropping to the ground. What was this woman doing in my classroom full
of teenagers? I was very distracted by her presence but, apparently, I
didn't let it show much. She asked the most penetrating questions and I
quickly realized that she could have taught the class herself.

class was over, she was alone for a moment and I had the choice to go
over to her and talk or not. I chose not to. She was too
perfect…seemingly. I also knew that if God wanted her in my life, he
would make the connection somehow. So I trusted in God and we never
spoke that day.

About three months later, I decided to apply to
teachers college. I decided to browse Catholic Match (formerly St.
Raphael’s) to see if there were any teachers. I read the profile of a
woman, although it she was from a city nine hours from where I lived.
Still, she seemed interesting and practical. So I asked her about her
experiences in teacher's college.

Unfortunately, I did not get
any response for three months. She had signed up to St Raphael's on a
whim about a year ago, tried it once or twice and quickly gave up. I
had the same experience myself. I must have sent maybe three messages
in the year I had my subscription. Still, by chance, last January, she
decided to check her messages and found mine.

On January 9th, I
got a return message. She was living in the same city, and she knew my
roommate, the youth minister at the church where I had taught
Apologetics. She remembered me instantly from the class she attended
that one time. We started writing furiously for over a week. We found
out we had many things in common. She was raised in a Latin rite church
and I was a classical studies major having studied two years of Latin.
She was going through teachers college and I was applying to teachers
college. However, nothing prepared us for the next few connections.

had decided to meet at her church for Mass and she sent me a final
email describing her family. She had a brother and a sister. When she
described her sister, I still remember sitting at my desk at work, with
my jaw hanging open. Her sister had been my sister-in-law's maid of
honour at my brother's wedding! I remember speaking with both my
sister-in-law and her sister, and I remember them telling me that I was
perfect for her sister. This was four years ago!

We got married on August 14, 2004! I am writing this story two months after our wedding.

advice to anyone out there looking for someone: Give him or her back to
God. Our faith is in Him. The good things we have in this life will
come to you like grace. Receive everything as a gift.


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  1. Anna-671172 October 8, 2012 Reply

    I have read a fair amount of success stories and have liked them all….but this one has definitely made to the top of the charts.

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