Joined in Holy Matrimony


"We are now expecting our first child in September, 2004"

Stacy says:

A friend at my Church told me about St. I am a convert and a Traditional Catholic. I hadn't seen many Traditional Catholics here on St. Raphael's. In late July 2002, I had given up and decided to delete my account. At the last moment, I decided to do a keyword search using the word Tridentine, which returned six profiles. All were outside of my age-range, but one. There was no photo, but his profile said he was Traditional Catholic and a convert! I sent an email to him to see if he would like to correspond about Traditional topics and share conversion stories. Rich wrote back, and we had several enthusiastic, witty emails. When he finally sent me a photo, I almost fell off my chair! Amazing – Traditional Catholic, a convert like me, funny, and gorgeous too?! He asked for my phone number, and when he called and I heard his voice – I knew. I knew within the first 90 seconds of talking to him that I would marry him. We talked and wrote for nearly three months before meeting in person. He flew to meet me on October 11th, 2002. I've never been so nervous in my life! He was just as handsome as his photos, and we had the best first date ever – so romantic. We were engaged in February. We were in a long-distance relationship during our courtship and saw each other about once a month, which was hard, but also a blessing to help us maintain our chastity.

We were married in a Traditional Latin High Mass on June 28th, 2003. It was such a beautiful day! We are now expecting our first child in September, 2004. It was truly Divine Providence that brought us together, and I am eternally grateful to St. for being an instrument of His Holy Will.

Rich says:

Thank you, St.! I am deeply grateful for your service because I found my beautiful wife through it. Stacy said that she knew we would get married after our first phone call. I will go further by readily admitting that I knew immediately I would marry her upon opening the e-mail she sent me, and viewing her profile. She struck me as profoundly Catholic and extremely beautiful. We became acquainted over the phone, and emails, and meeting Stacy in person was a tremendous confirmation of all her wonderful qualities. This was a long distance relationship, but it seemed a small sacrifice to make as we both knew we were headed for the altar. Along the way we grew more in love with our Faith and we were even Confirmed together. We were joined in Holy Matrimony in a most beautiful Traditional Catholic ceremony, right in front of our Protestant family and friends. (Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary may they all find their way to the True Faith). I pray that our marriage will be a living sacrifice affording us the chance to grow in virtue and thus helping each other to reach our final home in Heaven.

Today I am happy to say that we are not just experiencing the married life; we are experiencing Holy Matrimony. And we owe everything to the Grace of God while acknowledging St. as God's chosen instrument for our introduction.


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