Calling All CatholicMatch Members!!!


It has come to our attention that some people have been on our site for a while and have not discovered the Forums. Once they found the forums they were more engaged and satisfied with the site. So we would like to take the time to point
out the features of the Forums and other ways you can attempt to increase your
satisfaction with your experience at

Post a profile photo.

First of all, let’s start with your Profile Photo. If you have not uploaded or submitted your Profile photo for upload, do not wait another day. If your profile does not have a photo it is more likely to be passed over to one that does. It does not cost anything if you upload photos yourself. However if you do not have access to a scanner or are not so computer savvy then you can mail us the photos to upload for you. Profile photos are free and if you want to post more than the one profile photo, it is only $5.00 per scrapbook photo for full members, and $10.00 per scrapbook photo for free members.

Become part of the community in the Forums.

Click on “community” then on “message forums” to find a place for your voice to be heard, and to find others who have a similar view to your own. There is a forum
just for men (St. Joachim’s Room) and one just for women (St.
Ann’s Room). There are forums for your particular vocational path, religious (The Vineyard), single (Tobias), married (Wedding at Cana). And there are four different forums to discuss apologetics and church teaching. If you are not big on apologetics these are good places to peruse to find out what people are talking about and what answers they give to sometimes difficult questions.

There are many other forum rooms that may be of interest to you. Check it out.

Post an event.

Get people involved in your neck of the woods. Do you want to actually meet new people at an event that is important to you? Or would you like to find an event near to you that you could meet someone from the site? Check out “upcoming events” posted in the community section. Towards the bottom of the section there is a place to “suggest an event.” Don’t be shy, post as many events as you like. All posts will be reviewed and if approved should be listed on the site within 48 hours.


Click on Chats on your home page to chat with others online or schedule a group chat in the future. When you add members to a group chat schedule they will be invited via e-mail so do not be too disappointed if you schedule a chat for 30 minutes and get no takers. If they did not look at their e-mail, they do not know of your invitation. Also, as a private chat will pop up on your screen ready for a reply, for a group chat you manually have to go to your chat section at the scheduled time and join the group chat. So if you have so many people invited and confirmed, if they do not go to the chat section at the scheduled time they would not join the chat.

Click on tabs

If you haven’t already done so, from the homepage, click on all of the tabs to see what is inside and what features are available to you. If at any time you have a question you can click on help in the upper right of the page and see if you can find an answer to your question. If no answer helps you can submit a help ticket and we will do our best to give you the help you require.

We are always looking for ways to improve our site and make things more user-friendly but each update takes time. If you have a suggestion you can always send it our way via our help ticket system.

Thank you for being a member of Enjoy your stay in our community.


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