Deidre-61884 & Thomas-62369


First of all, I (Deidre) want to thank my mother for putting me on Catholic
Match and paying for my account.  Thank you Catholic Match and St Raphael the

When I first saw Thomas’ photo and read his profile, it intrigued
me,  him being such a young widower. I sent him a smile emotigram
and he sent me a message. And soon we never stopped chatting and
calling each other by phone. It did not deter him that I happen to be
Australian and was not willing to leave Australia.  He did not
even try to persuade me to go over to the States. Instead he was
willing to move to my country.

On November 22, 2004, he flew to Australia (Perth ) to
visit me. Four days later we got engaged.  He had to fly back to the
States, but he will be back in 2005 when it will be wedding
bells. We have not set the date yet.

We are both very grateful to Catholic Match, and we wish all those who are
looking for relationships not to give up. We made it, you can too!
God bless to all.


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