Hope for the Heartsick


(Heather) was thirty years old. Every last one of my friends was
married. They had multiple children already. I was so heartsick and
thought that God had somehow forgotten all about me. I had never wanted
to be a part of any online dating service, mostly due to the fact that
it's downright SCARY! But when my best friend prodded me for the one
hundred and eleventh time, I thought I should at least put myself on a
Catholic one – at random – and then ignore it altogether. At least I
would have her off my back for a time. I put a one-line profile with no

About six months later, I went back to the site just to sweep the
mailbox clean ("I have no interest at all," I thought). I proceeded to
delete every letter, one by one, without even opening them…I'll
admit, I was stubborn… When I got to the bottom of the list, I almost
deleted the last one – James Something-or-other. Something–that I
realize now was none other than GOD–told me to just take a look at it
– what could it hurt? So, I did. The line before me simply said, "Well,
you win the shortest profile award!" From that moment on, I felt truly
compelled to write to this man.

Jim and I wrote to each other throughout August and September, then
met in October 2003 at St. Joseph's Cathedral. It wasn't long before we
both realized that something was Divinely there between us. Jim lived
about an hour away, in another state, but we soon found interesting
coincidences linking us. Jim had worked years before at the same place
of employment as I currently did – in Human Services – with some of the
very same people with developmental disabilities. He had once lived
only down the street from my apartment, and had in fact, come to look
at MY apartment before I moved into it, but decided – for some reason –
that he didn't think it was for him! We attended the same daily Mass,
but never met.

Jim and I grew in trust, love and holiness together, in ways neither
of us had ever experienced with anyone else. My long years of prayers
to Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were finally manifested before my
eyes. Jim's trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus was well placed. Then
Jim proposed to me in the Perpetual Adoration of the Eucharist Chapel
on Christmas Eve 2003, in front of Jesus Himself! 🙂

We were happily married on June 13, 2004 – the Solemn Feast of Corpus Christi!

May God send abundant blessing upon everyone searching for God's
choice in a mate! Let Him choose and you will not be disappointed!
Thanks St. Raphaels/Catholic Match!


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