Praying the Distance


In August of 2003 I (Chad) moved to Seattle from Yakima, WA.
In Yakima I had a group of young Catholic adults I hung out with, so I
went online to find something like that in the Seattle area. After
searching for a few days, I hadn't found anyone or anything, but I kept
seeing a website called St. (since re-named Catholic Match)

I thought maybe I could find someone from the area there, so I went
to the site. On the home page I saw a new member announcement for a
person from the Philippines. I had just taken a trip to the Philippines
for a friend's wedding earlier in the year. I thought maybe I could
meet some friends there as well, since I wanted to go back again the
next year. I looked at profiles of people from my area, the Philippines
as well as some other places. Then I saw a profile for a young woman in
the Philippines and I was really impressed by it.

I felt so strongly that that God really wanted me to contact her. So
I prayed about it, and paid for full membership so I could email her
right away. We instantly became good friends, and started emailing
several times each day. Our relationship continued to grow.

In February/March of 2004 I went to her home town in the
Philippines, and we got married on March 6th. As of right now were
going through the process to get her visa so she can come to the United
States, and we won't have to be apart any more. Any prayers for that
would be greatly appreciated. We're praying that she will have her visa
by January 2005 so I can go there to be together for our first
anniversary, and then we can return to the U.S. together to
really start our life together in service to God our Father.

God has truly blessed us both with each other, and with this site.
Again, thank you anyone for your prayers about our situation. God bless
you all, and we pray you will all find the person or purpose God has
planned just for you in your lives.


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