With God Between


My sister told me (Regina) about Catholic Match, and bought me a
renewed membership the night I broke up with my boyfriend (whom I had
also met on this site.)

That same night, I first saw Alan's picture and profile, and thought he
was the most beautiful, angelic looking man I had ever seen. I knew I
had to contact him. Though he lived in Chicago and I in New Jersey, I
sent him a message anyway and hoped for the best. We talked online and
on the phone for awhile before he flew to NJ in August.

We connected instantly, and made extensive use of the fact that we
could both fly for free (my father is a pilot and Alan also worked for
an airline.) When December arrived I graduated from college and decided
that this relationship was definitely worth pursuing, so I rented an
apartment and moved to Chicago.

Seeing each other every day, instead of every two weeks, made us
realize that we finally found the person that God had intended to be
our mate. Alan proposed on Sept. 9 and we will be married in my home
parish on May 29, 2005. My ring had three stones: the largest
representing God and the two side stones representing Alan and I. I am
so excited at the thought of spending the rest of my life with him! We
are so grateful for this website and thank you from the bottom of our
hearts!! God bless and good luck to those seeking their soulmates!!!!


Regina and Alan


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