Made for Each Other


We met through the chat feature here on Catholic Match, and we soon
figured out that we are made for each other…having the same ideals,
fun factor and understanding about all. We spoke a lot–every day for a
minimum of one hour. When we finally we met in person and it worked
from the first moment.

I (Georg) figured out that Julie's family
is like my own and when she met my family she told me the same… we
are really made for each other as we came from the same mold. All we
have done works, and we are making a wonderful cozy home in own new
house that we bought. Julie's daughters are nice and now we are a
family again… as they lost their father and husband to cancer. I am
really proud of my new family and all sides like each other.

was really good to be patient and wait all these years to finally find
my deep love in a Christian way I prefer…Life is wonderful! So we
married on the 11th of December and I am thankful to Catholic Match,
that we had the chance to meet a person with the same interests and
background in a Christian community setting. CM is really different
than all the other pages where there is so much trash!

A dream
come true with our own wonderful wedding, and we both are so happy that
we have found a Partner who stays to the Christian rules and way of
life–someone we can trust in. Thanks to the website that brought us

Best wishes to all singles and just be patient, there is someone out there who matches you 100 percent!


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