Proved Wrong


Edgar and I (Angelica) have dated for six wonderful months. He is such
a wonderful person, and someone I only dreamed of meeting. I don't
think I would have met him if it were not for Catholic Match.

had an acquaintance, Ricardo, who is also a member of Catholic Match,
and he encouraged me to join. Edgar and I both happened to join about
the same time. I actually bought a full membership so that I would be
able to respond to his email. We later started emailing daily to our
hotmail accounts. We also started talking on the phone on a regular
basis. Then I got to meet him about twenty-four days later.

lives in Houston, and I’m in Dallas, so we don't get to see each other
as often as we'd like, but we have a substantial and solid
relationship. I am just thankful that God made it possible for us to
meet. I was so leery of Internet dating, but Catholic Match proved me
wrong. There are great people out there, and thanks to this medium I
was able to meet a wonderful person.


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