A Place for Love


Margaret (Margy) and I (Michael) are happily writing to you to announce that as of New Year’s Eve, 2004, we are engaged.

each other was much easier on Catholic Match than others, since CM
allows for sorting members by marital status. In our case, we are both
widowed. We bonded quickly through e-mail, by being open, honest and
sincere in writing to each other. We talked and shared on the telephone
a few times, and had our first date on February 1, 2004.

that time, we’ve seen each other almost every week for one or more
days. That’s a huge commitment, in that we live 97 miles from each
other. My profile stated that I would travel up to fifty miles. Margy’s
profile stated twenty miles. Happily, the distance didn’t deter us!

are both extremely blessed, in that we have the life experiences to
deeply appreciate being in love.We cherish every moment we have
together, enjoy the simple things in life, and marvel with childish
wonder at the miracles and blessings God gives us all. The greatest
gift God gives everyone, is the opportunity to find love.

We are
hopeful that other Catholic Match members will find a healthy, loving,
spiritual relationship. To find a person who is your best friend, who
loves you endlessly, and is your soul mate is an event that can’t be
adequately described. Thank you, Catholic Match, for giving Margy and
me, as well as other members, the opportunity to meet each other.

We wish Catholic Match continued success, and your members healthy and loving relationships!


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