Common Loves


Chris first sent me (Stephanie) an email at the the end of
March 2004, saying that he thought
I seemed like a really cool person and he looked forward to being good
friends with me. I replied and told him the same.

We exchanged emails for about three and a half months, before we started talking on the phone, and
we really hit if off well! We had a lot in common. We
both are really loyal to the Magisterium, love our faith, both want a big
family, we are close to our families, we both have a great
sense of humor, and we both really like tennis (even though I just play for fun and am
not the best LOL). We both are athletic, we both love the beach, and
last but not least we both love each other!!

When we
first tried chatting it didn't work too well, LOL, but it started working better after a
while and we did a lot of chatting since I was temporarily
out of a job and he could chat at work usually. Then about two months
later he said he would like to meet me, and I told him the same.

wanted to start dating. He flew all the way to Oregon from Texas (about 1600 miles to be
exact), and we hit it off really well in person too! I had invited
him to my brother Jeremy's wedding, and he had to meet not only my family members but
a lot of my relatives too! They liked him and vice versa! He had no
problem at all. We had a blast the whole time he was here! We laughed a
lot and goofed around. It was great!! We both told each other "I love
you", when we went to the beach!

I went to go meet his family
on Thanksgiving, and really liked them a lot. We had a blast again! I
was nervous, but I think I did pretty well. He came for Christmas and got to
spend more time with my family. We had a wonderful Christmas! But he
had a lot of problems at the airport, and got strep throat a couple days after
Christmas. We have been talking about getting engaged and hopefully it
will be within the next month or so!

Stephanie and Chris have since been
Engaged! [read
story here]


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