Destined to Rendezvous


We both joined Catholic Match (then St. Raphael’s) at the end of 2002.
After reading one of Mike’s posts in the message forums, I (Bethany)
browsed his profile. Shortly thereafter, he sent me an e-mail (late May

We exchanged e-mails for a while and began talking on the phone in
July. Mike suggested meeting—first at the end of August and then again
in early November—but I was really busy with my first semester in
graduate school and some family issues at the time. Honestly, I wasn’t
sure if he was going to ask about meeting again, but he did. We finally
met for the first time the weekend before Christmas 2003.

Our first visit went very well…except for the part where Mike’s plane
had radio problems that prevented him from taking off on his return
flight. Of course, we joked about it being the perfect way to ensure a
second visit!

Bethany: I knew Mike was
the kind of man I wanted to be friends with when he told me how much he
loved Christmas—decorating, baking Christmas cookies, stringing up
thousands of outside lights. But after spending two weekends together,
I knew he was the one.

Mike: After spending a few
months writing and talking to Bethany, I knew I was going to like her
as a friend. But after spending two weekends together, I knew she was
the one.


Mike returned to
Louisiana on New Year’s Day 2004 to pick up his airplane (and to spend
a few more days with me!). We visited just about every month after
that, and in May 2004, Mike asked if I would do him the honor of
allowing him to court me.
Over the next few months, we continued
building our friendship and had the opportunity to visit with some of
each other’s friends and family. On August 13th, Mike and I flew to
California to visit his mother, grandparents, and some friends.


During our trip to California, we attended Mass at the Carmel Mission
where we heard a homily about God being full of surprises. I remember
thinking that God had truly surprised me with Mike, that he was such a
blessing in my life. On August 16th, I dropped Mike off at the "local
airport," expecting that I wouldn't see him again until September 17th.

Mike: At this point I had
decided to propose marriage during our Christmas visit, but could no
longer wait. I went ring shopping after returning from California and
started planning a surprise visit.


On Saturday,
August 28th, some time around 11:00 a.m., I looked up and saw Mike
standing there in the coffee shop where I was working on weekends.
Surprised doesn't even begin to cover my reaction. I had talked to him
the night before. He was home. I was sure of it…I had called him!
Mike had left his house around three o’clock that morning in order to
surprise me.

Imagine my even greater surprise when, after dinner that night,
Mike asked me to marry him!! I never saw it coming! Our wedding will be
on May 28, 2005. We are grateful to Catholic Match for bringing us
together. We offer our prayers for the continued success of Catholic
Match, and we hope that others will find the happiness that we have


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    Wow! What a surprise! Goodluck to both of you!

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