Like a Bolt from Heaven


Like a Bolt from Heaven

I (Thom) would like you to know that I was very skeptical about online
dating. I believed many of the myths that Catholic Match discussed in an

I have always had a strong faith, but had never been
able to share that with my past girlfriends. I never considered paying
for an online service, mainly because of the stigma and the cash. Well,
last year around this time, I was dumped by yet another girlfriend. I
felt that I could never find anyone. I was always "too nice," or "too
loving," or "a great friend," which always made me crazy. I figured
that I was being myself, and that was not what these women wanted.

I decided that I wanted to find someone to talk with that had a common
faith base. I did a google search for Catholic dating services. I had
low expectations, but was glad to see that they did in fact exist. I
never trusted the other secular sites. I figured I could meet a better
quality of person on Catholic Match.

So, after deliberating and
looking around, I filled out the profile and resigned myself to pay for
this site. Months passed, and I was starting to become disheartened,
feeling that I had thrown my money away. Then Angelina e-mailed me. It
was a simple e-mail –"Hi, I am from Mexico."

I was about to
delete this message. I am from Connecticut, and I felt that someone
soooo far away was not what I was looking for, especially since
distance was one of the factors that broke up my last relationship. I
decided to just say hi, not thinking too much. I also gave her person
my yahoo id, hoping that we could chat there too.

We e-mailed
for a while, and then we messaged and cam'ed for a while (which we
still do on a nightly basis), and as we chatted we saw that we were
waiting to talk more. Our days were filled with thoughts of each other.
We grew closer and closer through IM's and cam chatting. We made
occasional phone calls, but primarily we chatted online. We grew to
find that we had the same ideals in faith, the same goals in life, and
we shared a common profession (we are both teachers). So much started
to come together, we felt so blessed that we could hardly contain
ourselves. I planned a trip to Mexico just after Christmas, so that we
could meet in person.

This was the test. We were both so
scared that this newly blossoming love would either falter, or grow to
new beauty with this meeting. I flew down to Texas where she, her
sister, and her brother-in-law were waiting to pick me up. We saw each
other and it was like a bolt from heaven. We had instant chemistry. We
hugged and were both shaking from nerves and excitement.

I knew
that I wanted to be with this woman for the rest of my life before we
met, but this meeting has sealed the deal for us. I love her with all
of my soul, and though we have a while yet until we are together, it is
worth the wait. I was also able to meet her family and discuss with her
parents how we feel. Family is so important to both of us, that I felt
that this was a necessary step in our relationship. I was so glad to
have this wonderful opportunity.

She and I are so much in love,
and so happy that we have actually become better people. We are both
glowing with love. I am so grateful that God guided us toward each
other, and I am grateful to Catholic Match for your service. I was
skeptical, and proven wrong… much to my delight. So, I thank you and
pray for all those who are seeking love. Keep your faith. God has a
plan for all of us, sometimes it is difficult to see or wait for, but
it is there. Many blessings on you and all of your subscribers.


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