Outside the Boundaries


Christine: On November 20th, I
got a smile emotigram from this man in Atlanta. Pretty interesting as I
live in Massachusetts. What makes it more interesting is that he
clearly states in his profile, in three places, that he only wanted to
meet a woman from Atlanta. In response to his email I called him a
"rule breaker" for smiling at me, as I didn't live in Atlanta.

turned into a series of bantering emails back and forth across the
1,000+ miles. Within two weeks he came to visit. We've been together
ever since. I know I've met the man I want to spend the rest of my life
with. Lucky for me, he feels the same way.

Thank you Catholic Match. Good luck to everyone else!

On a fluke, I clicked on Chris' warm and inviting smile… although she
lived in a different state and I was only interested in meeting someone
a little closer. Why did I do it? I was driven to… an unseen force
guided my hand.

We emailed, we talked, we visited a few times, we fell in love and
we're both making plans for our future together. We are perfect for
each other and we both feel blessed and thankful that we met. Thank you
Catholic Match.


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