Providential Glitch


Diane and I (Steve) met here on Catholic Match (then St. We actually met through a glitch in the old chat
program. Somehow I got a chat invite from her, and she from me, when neither of us
was looking at the other's profile.

She was in Montreal and I wasn't looking
that far away, or that far north. I'm in Oregon, and she wasn't interested
in someone so far away from her or in the States. We think St. Raphael
was having fun with zeros and ones that day and threw us together.
We chatted, then began phone calls.

We nearly drifted apart several months later, but
I got up the resolution to meet her and arranged to fly to Montreal. It was
a good visit, and we were both hooked. After five more flights back and forth
we decided to marry, and last Sept. 4th we did, after a year of talking online, on
the phone, and flying our little wings off.

The paperwork for immigration
was daunting and not a little expensive, but worth it. Never say
never. God blessed me with a wonderful and faithful wife who's a knockout
to boot! :o)


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