Too Much for Coincidence


Robby and I (Jenni) both want to thank Catholic Match for bringing us
together. If it weren't for this website, both of us are almost sure we
wouldn't be blessed with the wonderful relationship we are in now. We
started talking from the simplest thing in common: reception of the
sacraments at Easter Vigil.

He received his first Eucharist and
Confirmation last year (2004), and I will be receiving mine along with
baptism this Easter (2005). That, and that it was way too coincidental
that our Catholic Match member numbers were almost exactly the
same–just one digit off! We met on Catholic Match about a year ago,
and in person just over seven months ago, although it seems like we
have known one another in our hearts much longer.

We've begun to
plan for our life ahead of us – together. We may be on separate ends of
the U.S. right now, with myself in CA and him in FL, but we both are
making plans to move closer together this summer/ early next fall. We
try to see each other every month, and have found that the best gift we
can give one another is simply our time (aside from our love). Thank
God for cell phones and free minutes.

We have brief
conversations to talk and pray together, to give each of us with
strength through our day. We have each had the opportunity to spend
time on both coasts, with each of our friends and families. Robby has
given me a beautiful promise ring, which is the simplest symbol of our
commitment and love for each other.

We thank God for every
breath He gives both of us each day, as we journey forward in
continuing to build a wonderful relationship through Christ.

Jenni and Robby have since been Engaged!


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