A Gift of Meeting


I (Theresa) began speaking with Rich in early November 2004, after I
sent him a smile emotigram. When Rich and I met on New Years Eve in
Toronto one of the first plans on our agenda was to attend Sunday Mass
together, and offer thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gift of our

Since that date we have often wondered aloud what would
have been the chances of our meeting, without a website like Catholic
Match. Rich is a widower from Boston, and I am a divorced/church
annulment from Indianapolis, both in our fifties. Rich and I agree that
this meeting, and our growing relationship is truly a gift from our
Father in Heaven, and we are both so thankful.

Rich lost his
beloved wife of over thirty years in May 2004, and my primary intention
after first speaking with him on CM was to provide him some emotional
support during his grieving period. I lost my mother several weeks ago,
and Rich has been there with me daily, by phone, to offer comfort,
support, love, and a listening ear, morning, noon or night; whenever I
needed him. I have dated many men during my twenty years of being
single, but few Catholics, and no one quite as special as Rich who is
kind, generous, honest and very bright. He is man of integrity and
conscience who I respect and admire.

Rich and I are planning to
meet again on Valentine's weekend in New York City to get better
acquainted, and to start making plans for one of us to relocate so we
can spend more time together. In closing, I wish to add that Catholic
Match is a wonderful way to meet men of character and integrity, of
faith and substance. I am grateful first to God, and second to CM.
God's Blessings to all who read this, and don't give up on finding a
truly, God-centered relationship.


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