A Simple Start


Krystal and I (Karl) met online when I sent her an e-mail telling her
how much I liked the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones video games. She
replied back, because of her common interest in those games. We then
corresponded on and off, starting early September emailing back and
forth before one evening night in October.

On that night I saw
Krystal online on Catholic Match and invited her to chat. We then moved
our conversation to MSN messenger. On MSN messenger, I asked her if she
would like to talk on the phone sometime because I wanted to get to
know her better. She readily accepted, since she wanted to get to know
me better as well. Our highly anticipated phone call was as much as we
had hoped it to be.

Later on in the week we decided to talk
every night, because we really enjoyed each other's company on the
phone. During the next couple of months, Krystal and I built a strong
friendship that led us to set up a meeting date in January. Krystal
flew from Idaho to Wisconsin, and she stayed there for six days. On her
second day there, while we were dancing, I formally asked her if she
would like to take our friendship to the next level. She said yes, and
we are now in a serious relationship. We would like to the take the
time to thank God for using Catholic Match as a tool to bring us


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