Following Faith


I (Tom) met Marisa on Catholic Match last August. We traded AOL IM ids,
but only corresponded a few times. Both of us stopped using Catholic
Match after a couple of months–me because I wasn't meeting anyone in
my area, and she because of some Internet access problems. I also think
I was not spiritually ready for a serious relationship at the time.

this past January, after not using IM for several months, I happened to
“randomly” catch her online a week before she visited her parents–who
live in my hometown–after she was unexpectedly let go from her job. We
hit it off immediately, and then met a week later. It was an instant,
exciting, and comfortable connection–unlike any previous relationship
for either of us. We both knew this one was for keeps.

We are
soulmates who complement each other perfectly, and bring each other
closer to God. He knew when the time was right, and then brought us to
each other. The moral of the story is, if you haven't found the right
person, despite trying everything in the world, it may not be your
fault. Sometimes, even if you're ready, your soulmate isn't. I wasn't
ready when I met Marisa, but almost as soon as I was–literally within
hours of my coming to a new relationship with God, and being ready to
accept whatever was in store for me, I met Marisa again online.
Truthfully, the important thing is: have faith and the rest follows.
God bless.


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  1. Dawn-1017649 November 4, 2013 Reply

    This is so true ! God is always in our future….

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