Holding Out Hope


Alejandro: Looking for
friends, I searched many profiles. I was divorced and waiting for my
annulment. I noticed how beautiful Joy's photo was. I wondered if her
photo was affecting my feelings of her beautiful profile. I remember
reading it, and thinking out loud to myself. "I want that in my life!"

very first day on Catholic Match I took a chance and wrote to her. To
my surprise, she wrote back. I was thankful, but did not hold out much
hope, and let her go. It was nice that she was kind, but come on – who
would be interested in a guy with six children? She would call me night
after night but would not give me her phone number. Every night we
would laugh, sing, or cry, with no sign she would ever call me back.
Every night I thanked God for her and let her go, giving all to God
whatever His will may be. I would sing and play my guitar for her over
the phone and she would be my attentive audience. We began to pray the
rosary together, sometimes with her and her children sometimes with

I knew God had a hand in this, and I began to thank Him
for a second chance at love. I fell truly madly, deeply for this woman
and we would talk from midnight to three o’clock in the morning every
night! We still do! I have written four love songs for her which I
often play. I had such a hard time believing she was for real. After
seven long months we finally met.

Alejandro sent me an email on August 01, 2004. It was short and sweet.
He caught me at a point in my life where I was resolved to quit
Catholic Match. When I got his email, I told myself, that a last look
wouldn’t hurt. I found myself responding back to him. And I did for
almost every single night thereafter. I was just drawn to him for
reasons that I cannot understand. I never initiated a call to any man
in my life and here I was asking him if I can speak to him on the phone
while we were chatting. He said he felt a shiver in his spine when I
said that.

Hearing his voice comforted me in a certain way. He
sang for me on the phone. We shared so many insights about our Catholic
faith. We definitely enjoyed talking to each other. We have the same
moral ground in almost every issue in life. We laughed, cried and loved
on the phone and in the webcam over the last seven months. The first
time he sent me a picture of his children, I felt like welcoming them
in my arms for they appear to be so angelic-looking. True enough, they
opened their hearts so quickly to me. Alejandro naturally loved my
children as well.

For me, the crucial point in our relationship
was the first meeting. I had a fear that after all the love we shared
chatting on the phone and in the Internet, I would not be attracted to
him or vice-versa. But the very first second I laid my eyes on him, he
was the most handsome man I have ever seen. I felt like I had met a
prince and his gaze just melted me away. And I knew for sure it was
him. This was also confirmed by my friends who shared the same respect
for him.

We went to Mass and prayed to the Blessed Sacrament the
next day, holding hands. There was not a single dull moment. Each
passing day that comes by, he turns out to be everything I prayed to
God for. I looked back at my profile and found I am describing him in
essence except that God did not give him wrinkles before I met him.


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