Across the Continent


Dennis: We very casually
exchanged e-mails for a time. Barb was in California while I was here
on the East Coast. We almost connected for initial dates, a couple of
times while she was in Boston visiting her son and his wife. But we
twain never did meet.

We both met and dated others on Catholic
Match. We both (independent of each other) cancelled our memberships,
and likewise rejoined, without the other's knowledge. While off-site
Barb, an independent and spirited lady, relocated to Massachusetts'
north shore.

"Bumping into each other" on Catholic Match, we
set-up a coffee date, at Starbucks of all places. A movie and dinner
date proved a jolting eye-opener for both of us. With each subsequent
date, or work-a-day luncheon, our relationship has deepened. We now
seem on a smooth glide-path to a lasting, permanent union.

By the Grace of GOD!?! What else explains our eventually coming together?

Just your typical Southern California beach gal moves across the
country, is greeted by a blizzard, meets a handsome New England man,
and the rest is living history…

In reality, I've been a widow for over five years– he has never been married.

did I choose here? I've always felt a great deal of peace in the
Northeast, even when my husband was alive. I needed a change to get my
life back on track. I have a son and daughter-in-law living in Boston,
which helped my decision somewhat.

In making my decision, I
asked God to lead me to where HE felt I should be, where I would find
what I needed and was looking for. So, I sold my home, packed up and
headed east. As things worked out I ended up just north of Boston,
completely unbeknownst to Dennis.

I had been emailing Dennis on
and off since joining Catholic Match, but we had never met during any
of my visits to Boston–just missing a couple of times though. I had
actually given up on finding anyone and gone off the site for a while;
but reappeared to help a friend get started on the site.

saw that I was back on and we started emailing again. After my move he
asked if we could get together for a Starbucky (him!) type thing and
see how it went. Well, it actually went extremely well. We chatted for
a couple of hours, got chased out by fire alarms going off. (Did our
sparks set them off!?!)

We agreed to get together again a couple
of days later, on a date that literally caught us by surprise by how
well we got on. It gets better each time we're together and it's
developed into a deep loving relationship. He is someone who is kind,
loving, and knows how to treat a lady like a lady (but don't tell
anyone; he's macho don't you know!). What more can a girl ask for? A
man like Dennis who insists he needs practice at being a gentleman? So
now you know.

We will marry June 18, 2005.

Barbara and Dennis have been Married!


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