The Heart Does Not See Age


In April of 2004, Anne discovered she would not be working for the
Catholic school in her town the next school year. The family of one of
her students was opening a new restaurant, so they asked her to come
and work for them. God moves in mysterious ways. Anne had been looking
for a nice guy to become close to and had been asking God for guidance
when she lost her teaching job. Little did she know this was all part
of God's plan.

Allan had lost his wife of thirty-five years
only a year and a half prior, and had just decided to start dating
again. Allan was related to the family that Anne was going to work for
at the restaurant. (Confused yet? It ties together nicely here in a
minute.) Allan spent most evenings the first six weeks the new
restaurant was open, hanging out there and chattering with people.
Little did he know God was moving his and Anne's circle closer and
closer together. After about four weeks of admiring Allan from a
distance, Anne enlisted the help of Allan's daughter, who was also
working at the restaurant, to help Allan to ask Anne out. Well, Allan
finally asked Anne out and their first date was in July. They have been
inseparable ever since.

Now for the mystery of God’s methods.
Both Allan and Anne were members of Catholic Match. Allan was looking
for people in one age bracket and Anne was looking for people in
another age bracket. Had they chosen the same age bracket they would
have seen that their compatibility was 100 percent. God brought Allan
and Anne together and taught them both to look beyond age. In fact a
sixth grade student that Anne used to teach, said it best when she told
her grandmother that Allan and Anne were to marry, and added "Grandma
the heart does not see age." Or anything else for that matter. The
heart only sees love.

Allan and Anne will be married on April 9,
2005 at St. Mary Church, Urbana, Ohio. Both are very grateful that God
moved in their lives. It makes losing a beloved job better, to know
that if Anne had not lost the job, she would never have met Allan.


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    I am young at heart 69 year old, look and feel like I am in my 50’s. I am attracted to younger men.What age, should I look for.

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