We Found Each Other!


Prayers were heard and answered. Blessed abundantly, we have found one
another…: ) Michael asked me to marry him on the feast of the
Queenship of Mary, stating that he had a Queen in heaven, but he really
wanted a queen while here on earth…and would I (Anne) be his ? Of
course !!

Because I teach at a small Catholic elementary
school, our wedding (planned for June 24, 2005) will be very special,
indeed ! The parish pastor, along with two of our priest friends have
agreed to concelebrate the Mass for us that evening. A honeymoon trip
to Italy and Switzerland will follow–please continue to pray for the
health and well-being of our beloved Pope John Paul II, and for our
safe arrival for what we hope will be the pontiff's nuptial
blessing/audience in Rome.

We have both agreed to remember,
daily, those who suffer from loneliness and heartbreak, and those
seeking a good and true spouse. We will remember, too, those marrieds
who are our example of this vocation. We appreciate, greatly, your
prayers in return. May God continue to bless you abundantly…and may
we all sit at the table of Christ together in Heaven.


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