An Accidental Acquaintance


Glenn and Heidi are pleased to announce their Catholic Match relationship, which began as a series of fortunate events.

is an inactive team member for Beginning Experiences of Oklahoma City.
A few months ago, one of the other BE members mentioned Catholic
Match.. Glenn signed up and began to chat with new friends that he met
through the profiles. After about a month, another CM/BE member
mentioned the fora and Glenn became active in it's St Rita's, Tobias
and Canon rooms. In April, something Glenn wrote in St Rita's caught
Heidi's eye.

On the second attempt at trying to reply to the
post, Heidi accidentally clicked on Glenn's name and arrived at his
profile. Glenn received notification, and wrote a short message
thanking Heidi for taking the time to stop by and read his profile.
Heidi wrote back with surprise, saying that rarely had someone ever
taken the time to say thank you to her before. By April 30th, phone
numbers were exchanged and they have been talking on the phone one to
two hours each night since May 1st. They look forward to their first
face-to-face meeting on June 11th. Heidi never did complete that forum

Heidi is an elementary Spanish teacher in Columbus, GA. Glenn is a software analyst in Oklahoma City, OK.

Heidi and Glenn have since become Engaged!


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