I have been a member of Catholic Match since last summer. I have found community in the Forums,
along with several friends with whom I correspond with by email, and
still others with whom I enjoy visiting over the phone with.

I have found my prayer life has taken on a deeper meaning and
importance. By participating in the Spiritual Bouquets, it makes me
feel good to know I am praying for someone else to receive God’s
Blessings, and in return they pray for my spiritual well being as well.

I have promoted the Novena to the Infant Jesus of Prague, and
a Novena to St Jude. I know that several people have thanked me for
sharing those prayers with them. Recently I had the opportunity to
invite a friend to participate in the Monthly Novena. I think my friend
enjoyed this visit as much as I did. =))

Imagine my surprise
when a couple of friend’s here on CM started a Birthday Thread in my
honor. I have not had such fun with a Birthday in years.

Being a
single parent I have focused so much on my Church, my son’s activities
and work, that I forgot how important it was to take time to develop
friendships outside of this. I am learning to communicate with other,
and have had some fun getting to know other adults who face similar
struggles as I have every day.

I pray that St Raphael blesses this site, and that everyone is blessed with Happy Meetings…

God Bless.


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