Mary-45625 & Tom-84913


I (Tom) came to Catholic Match on the recommendation of a few close
friends at church. I started my search in October 2004, shortly after
discovering through prayer and discernment that my Guardian Angel was
in fact Raphael.

I spent about two weeks sending smile
emotigrams to several people before receiving an e-mail message from
Mary. She sent me her phone number, we talked for a few hours, and
arranged to meet for dinner and a movie on November 6th, 2004. We
haven’t gone more than a day since then without at least talking three
times or more by phone.

We live about an hour or so apart. On
Easter Sunday, with Mary’s Mom, uncle and aunt in town, at a dinner
hosted by my parents, I proposed and Mary accepted. We are set to marry
on November 26th, 2005. I thank God, St Raphael, and Catholic Match for
bringing me together with my one true love. I’ve waited nearly forty
years and am glad for the wait.


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