Michelle-39915 & Kevin-76132


According to Kevin, it was love at first sight. He had the advantage
there though. I (Michelle) had posted a picture, he had not. He browsed
my profile, and I responded by sending him an e-mail. He was not a full
member though, and had to subscribe to be able to write me back. He
says it was the best money he ever spent. I would have to agree!

a few e-mails and a three-hour phone conversation, we met at a town in
between our two cities for our first date on Friday, August 13th. So
much for superstition! We haven’t been apart since, and though nothing
is official, we both know that we have met the person we are meant to
spend the rest of our lives with. He is everything I could have wanted,
and so much more than I ever thought I deserved.

Part of the
credit goes to Catholic Match for bringing us together. However, we
both believe that it was simply one way God chose to bring us together.
But if we hadn’t found each other online, we would have still found
each other somehow. That’s how certain we are.


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