A True Christmas Gift


In late August 2004, I (Eric) was still stationed in Germany when I got
a smile emotigram from Heather. I viewed her profile and quickly wrote
an e-mail. I returned to West Virginia a few days later and kept in
touch with her.

The emails were long and going well,so we
exchanged phone numbers. It seemed we had so much in common, so we
decided to meet. The date was September 15. The place was a restaurant
in Reston VA. After our third date, I knew Heather was THE ONE.

had many great dates and in early November we agreed to make a
committment to one another. True love came around Christmas and we
began talking of an endless future. Things were going so well. I prayed
every day that Heather would be my wife.

Finally, we made plans
to visit the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. There was a house
which sat atop a cliff, overlooking the Bay with a bench overlooking
the cliff. I thought, "This is it. This is where I propose to Heather."
I found out later it's been named "proposal bench!" There had been
three prior proposals at that bench.

May 21 was a Saturday.
Heather and I went hiking, then enjoyed visiting a quaint town on the
Bay. We arrived at the cliffside bench around 5:30, I with ring in
pocket. I couldn't figure out how to get the ring out without her
seeing so I told her I wanted to take some pictures. I did that and on
the way back to the bench got out the ring and a poem I had written. I
came around the bench and knelt before Heather. She knew what was
happening and got very emotional. I do not remember reading the poem
and she does not remember hearing much of it. I then asked her to be my
wife. She immediately said, "Yes! Yes!"

Heather and I plan a late April or late May 2006 wedding. She has made me the happiest man on earth.


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