A Valentine’s Day Couple


Mike: I met this incredible lady on February 14, 2005
on Catholic Match. I sent her two e-mails which she didn't immediately
answer, so I had given up on hearing from her. On February 24, ten days
after my initial email, I came home to find that there was an email from Linda
at Catholic Match.

Needless to say, I was overcome with joy. She is
so beautiful, sincere, and is so grounded in our faith that I was drawn to her
like a moth to a flame. She is the epitome of what a Catholic Christian
should be. We began corresponding and found an incredible number of
coincidences that parallel each others lives.

We have met several times
since then and our love grows with each day. I don't know where this will
lead, but with God's grace and guidance we will know what step to take
next. I never thought I would again experience the exhilaration of love
but at sixty years old, it is an incredible gift to be so uplifted. My Linda
fills my senses with a breath of renewal to which there is no
parallel. She is truly a gift from above. It is my hope that others
who have given up on finding their mate will be renewed by my
experience and challenged to make the effort to find true happiness in the
commitment of our faith, each other and their special angel.

Linda: Thank you for the opportunity. He lives in Georgia and I live in California.
We have so much in common, and we are enjoying each other's company both on the
phone and in person. We are looking forward to many enjoyable times together and
talk to each other at least once a day. We will keep you


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