On The Same Level


December 3, 2004, I was searching for someone of my own ethnicity and I
found this lady that was really far away from me…seven driving hours.

began writing e-mails very frequently. She gave me (Bob) her regular
e-mail account, and we continued this initial journey of seeking
information about each other. Our closeness developed with God and
religion at our center. We spoke intimately of God, and how He has
impacted our lives, taken us from the darkness of our shattered lives
to one of joy and love in His light.

We were on the same level,
we found out, and also discovered we grew up in the same area just a
couple miles from each other. We shared our neighborhoods together
reflecting on the " do you remember this etc."…We discovered we were
looking for the same in a companionship leading to a commitment, with
God as our central focus, and felt that God would guide us to a
relationship if we truly loved Him, and would trust in Him to find each
of us someone who would be good for us. A couple months went by and we
were continually exploring one another from the inside.

Then, a
death occurred; someone who was like a "big-sister" to Janet back up
here in Buffalo, NY. She sent me a short e-mail that she would like me
to call her. I called and offered her my deepest sympathies; she
suggested we should meet. I would have taken that opportunity myself,
but since she was up here for such a sad reason I thought not. Then I
had told her I would be taking my elderly parents to church on Easter
Sunday. It happens to be the same church she was going to attend with
her mother and the same Mass.

So we met after Mass – I had seen
a picture of her and found her there. We had a brief meeting at a
coffee place for an hour or so, then left with a hug and stating we
would call each other. Almost within the next day or so, we called, and
then were calling daily, then more than once a day. We were finding
that we liked each other and were growing more and more from within.
Our hearts were being both touched by our words and revelations. We
were beginning to fall in love with each other.

Then she wanted
to fly up here to visit her family and spend some extensive time with
me. We had the most beautiful six days with each other; everyone that
saw us noticed our glow. We expressed love for one another and verbally
committed to each other. The tears flowed the day of her departure but
we believed that God would show us the way that we could be together

Now as I write this on departing from this site, I am
planning to relocate to her area so we can be together more frequently
and plan the rest of our lives together. We are constantly praising God
for His bringing us together. Nothing is impossible for Him and He
really rewards those that are faithful to Him. We plan to become one to
glorify Him…


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