The One For Her


When I browsed Dan’s profile and sent him a smile emotigram, I was intrigued by
his expressive self-description, his humor, and the values that were evident in
what he had written. I was thrilled when we began corresponding on
Catholic Match. There was so much chemistry and a connection that I had never felt

From the beginning, I knew that he would be someone special in my
life. We live a few hundred miles away from each other so our first
meeting didn't happen until a little more than a month after we first started
talking. When my long-awaited vacation to Ireland was suddenly canceled,
Dan came to the rescue and invited me to Canada for a visit. He was such a
wonderful host that I quickly forgot my disappointment at missing out on

After our first meeting, our feelings developed into something
much more profound. With each passing day and after meeting several times,
I’m more and more positive that Dan is the one for me. While we continue
to get to know each other, our conversations now also include plans for our
future together. I continue to pray that the perfect will of God be done
and that He will continue to bring Dan and I together. Thank you so much
for providing such a valuable service for Catholic singles. Not only
has this website deepened my faith, but it has also allowed me to meet a
wonderful person!


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