Twenty Exchanged For Gold


What does a Peruvian guy can have in common with a Lebanese lady????
Well, you might be saying "not much". But, nothing is further from the
truth. After sending different e-mails to good-looking ladies in this
web site, without any significant response, I (Moises) was ready to
give up, since I was a member of this site when it was still called St.

I went off the site for a while, before renewing
it, thanks to a special invitation from CM, for a subscription for just
twenty bucks!!!!.Well…it turned out to be the best deal in my lifin,
since on March 2004, I sent an invitation to chat to Mireille and she
answered me back. Seeing her full color picture in the web site, she
looked like a Lebanese Princess…I said to myself "it can't be–too
good to be true".

Well…we chatted for some minutes and then I
asked her for her phone number, and decided to call her that same day.
She was happy for my call. Since then, everything is history. We start
chatting twice a week, e-mailing almost daily and calling on a weekly
basis.We also "survived" a fight (the only one we had, and by phone)
over a trip to see her after days after being operated from the gall
bladder…which obviously couldn't be done, since I could barely walk…

this could have nothing out of the ordinary, but the fact, is that we
live miles and miles away from each other. I live in Northern New
Jersey and she lives in Mount Lebanon…no…not in Pennsylvnia…in
Lebanon, Middle East…

Well…this past February (when I
usually take my vacation time from the Bank where I work), I had the
long awaited chance to see her. Circumstances were not ideal–I went a
week after a former Prime Minister’s death, which brought protests in
the street and political unrest. After more than a day traveling, there
she was: waiting for me with flowers, her Mom and her brother. She
made me feel at home and her family treated me like one of them. It
took a day for the spark of love to come up, because in a way, maybe we
both were afraid…but everything changed for good.

We got
engaged, our rings were blessed before a Maronite Priest (Christian
Maronites are under the Pope), and we have set our wedding date for
February 2006, or Summer of the same year. Do we have any obstacles
before getting married? Besides the distance, I am a single father of a
four-year old daughter, with a job and bills to pay here. She has her
whole family there, and a flourishing chocolate business. So we pray
God (and your prayers are gladly accepted) to show us the best way, so
we can choose our place of residence For me, Lebanon is a piece of
paradise: the food, climate, people, etc., but it will be tough to find
a job there. And for her, she will be leaving her business and family.
So we pray Jesus to give us inspiration to find a way to be together.


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