Gifts Unexpected


It was my
(Annie) first time with any kind of singles site. I never expected to
meet someone on this site that I would want to marry. I kind of just
did it for fun, but I had no expectations. I had just moved to a new
town, I was lonely and missed my family and friends. I was commuting a
long way to work, so when I got to my home in the evenings and
weekends, I knew no one. I just thought I might meet some nice friends
in the area through this site, but I didn't really have any intention
of meeting a spouse.

Michael and I started communicating via
email exactly last year at this time. We first met each other August 2,
2004 at a Barnes and Noble coffee place, and we really hit it off from
there. We just kept growing closer and closer together and now we are
best friends and soon to be husband and wife.

Michael was actually the first person I went out with from here, so I guess I have a 100 percent success rating.

We are going to be married November 19, 2005.


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