It Started With A Smile


I (Mary) joined on 4th October 2004, and sent "smile" emotigrams to a
few people, including Tony. The next day he messaged me, we wrote for
several hours and he sent me a photo. The telephone calls began the
next day, and have continued ever since.

We met on 22nd
October 2004, here in Belfast. After more than seven very happy months,
Tony proposed to me on 28th May and we plan to marry on 7th October
2005. We are delighted to have met one another and we are each very
grateful to have found our future spouse – with faith as our anchor and
optimism in all we do.

Many thanks.

February 2006–Just
a quick update- We returned from Rome at the beginning of January to
discover that we are expecting a baby (DV) in September 2006.We pray
everything goes well in the coming months. Such a roller coaster since
we first met in October 2004.


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