Letting God Take The Reins


It is truly amazing what can happen when we let go and let God plan the way...

The wedding on June 18th was indeed lovely. I had a priest friend from
California, who presided at the Sacrament of Matrimony. Turns out that
Dennis doesn't have two left feet after all, and can indeed dance!!!!
We had a lovely honeymoon, which was delayed a bit by the fact that we
had to shuttle friends and relatives to hotels and airports for a
couple of days. A trip to Hawaii is planned for the fall!!!!

The wedding came off without a hitch. It included multiple trips from
New Hamspire to Boston to pick up friends and relatives…seemed they
liked to schedule arrivals at 6AM!!!!!! It also included shuttling
guests from the main reception to a second reception, then back to
hotels and then the next morning to the airport….all part of having a
wedding with a bride from southern California I guess. But in the end,
everything was great and we did manage to get a week to ourselves and
have plans of escaping to Hawaii later this year for a second week
away!!! It is truly amazing what can happen when we let go, and let God
plan the way HE want things to be!!!!!

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