Love Without Sight


(Kristin) had been a member of Catholic Match for about a year already.
I joined after a broken engagement and needed encouragement and
fellowship. Both of which I found in multiple places here. It was
February of 2005 when I happened upon Jonathan's profile. Being that he
was from Atlanta and I from New Jersey, I saw little potential for a
relationship. I noticed that he was not yet Catholic but was seeking to
become so within a year. I wrote an email to encourage him in the

One thing lead to another–smiles, emails, chats, and
finally the phone calls. We spent hours upon hours on the phone
discussing theology, life, relationships and such. It came to the point
where we would both hang up the phone and remark privately to ourselves
how much we loved each other without having ever met.

I flew
(on my first plane trip ever!) to Atlanta in April and we have visited
each month since. I know the Lord is involved in our relationship, as I
applied for a position at a Catholic school in Georgia. I put the
possible employment in the Lord's hands and I was called the next day
with an offer. I leave in three weeks to live in Atlanta near Jonathan.
I look forward to having a "normal" relationship with him and being in
the same state, FINALLY!

I am most thankful for our meeting as
I know he is as well. He tells me everyday. Jonathan will begin RCIA
this coming fall, and I cannot wait to experience this amazing event in
his life with him. Thank you Catholic Match, for being the catalyst for
our encounter in both our lives. I have met a wonderful God-fearing man
and look forward to whatever the future holds for us. May God bless
each of you in your quest for a vocation. My prayers are with you as I
feel you are all family.


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