Off On The Right Foot


and I (Ernesto) were both tired of the club/bar scene and wanted to
meet someone who shared our Catholic faith. We had both attempted to
find someone in our hometowns but to no avail. So we joined Catholic
Match. We both had met several people on the site, but those never
developed into anything more than friendships and few dates that didn't
work out.

Christina came across my profile one day in January
and just read over it. She figured I would never be interested in a
single mother, and did not even email me. Luckily I emailed her! We
began to correspond on instant messenger. Within a week I called her
and we became very close over the phone. We are both grateful for free
cell to cell minutes! After a few months Christina flew to LA, and when
we saw each-other in person it was truly love at first sight!

sunny Saturday afternoon we wanted to go to confession together. I took
her to Saint Monica's in Santa Monica, California. After we were done
with our confessions we met in front of the tabernacle, to do our
penance praying before the Blessed Sacrament. During Christina's
prayers she asked God to please make it obvious to her if we were meant
to be together.

When she was done praying she tried to get up
to go and sit in a pew but I asked her to hold on a minute. I finished
praying, then turned to her holding an engagement ring and said "Now
that I have a pure heart, mind and soul and right here in front of
Jesus, I want to ask you if you would be my wife." She was completely
shocked. She said yes of course! I was so happy and overwhelmed. We
have decided on a Destination Wedding in Cancun, Mexico. It will be
held at the beautiful Moon Palace Resort inside the Chapel of the
Immaculate Conception. Yes, you can have real Catholic destination


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