Crossing Worlds


The bringing together of two hearts…

coming together of two worlds is wonderful. Even more joyous is the
element that brings them together. Kay and I (Alroy) grew up in
different countries, speaking different languages, living opposite
cultures and different jobs, and three hundred miles apart–but seeking
to synchronize harmony in faith, values,and active pro-life Catholic
tradition with romance, excitement, outdoors sports and adventure.
Catholic Match rescued the timid hearts within us, and helped us open
up, be it to a web site, yet searching for other timid hearts with a
Catholic vocation for marriage.

The bringing together of two
hearts is truly joyous when met over the Eucharist at the celebration
of Mass. After a brief exchange of brief emails, Kay and I realized
that we had a common denominator in my brother, whom she had known for
a couple of years. When I first met her six months later, it was to be
at Mass on January 14th and by Valentine’s Day, not able to contain my
restless and longing heart, I asked for her hand in courtship. She
accepted and our two worlds slowly merged into one.

It's been
the best six months we've ever experienced since then, and on a special
Saturday morning, August 20 of ’05, in front of the Statue of Our
Blessed Mother at St. Anthony Church, Wylie TX, I asked her to be my
wife. She accepted.

St. Raphael has done what God has intended
him to do once again!!. We wish to Glorify God and thank Catholic Match
for uniting our little hearts, and our Blessed Mother for carrying us
through all these years, waiting for each other in hope and faith. Also
the novena's to St. Joseph, St. Therese, the prayers of friends and
valuable time pouring out our hearts in front of the Eucharist–all
worth it and for good reason in bringing two hearts from two worlds
together. Keep us in your hearts and your prayers as we prepare for


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  1. Lianna-1046399 February 5, 2014 Reply

    Praise God! May God bless you both abundantly.

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