From “Friends” to Friends Forever


I still was not sure if our relationship would go far…

We became "Friends" on Catholic Match on January 14th, 2005. Neither of
us knew that it would become "Friends Forever." After chatting a couple
of times, we began talking on the phone. We found that we enjoy similar
activities and each other's voices. On a whim, Lisa invited me to meet
her at the Basilica of Saint Mary's. When I saw her it changed my life
forever. She was so cute and she had the biggest smile on her face.

Neither of us expected something like this to work, but when I sent
Matt a smile it changed our lives forever. At first we chatted a couple
of times, and then I persuaded him to give me a call. I had to ask him
a few times, but he finally called me. He had a very deep voice, but he
had a lot of funny and interesting things to say. We talked about
everything from religion, sports, movies and babies. Oddly enough,
after a week or so, it seemed like we had known each other for years.
One day on the phone I decided I wanted to meet him in person. So I
suggested that he meet me and my friend at a banquet for Corpus Christi
Catechism Foundation. Of course it was in the basement of a church (the
Basillica of St. Mary's).

He was just a couple minutes late, so
I went looking for him. When I walked up by the door, he had just
arrived. We saw each other and exchanged big, big smiles. When I first
saw Matt, I thought he was very cute, even though he had huge
sideburns. After a social hour we had our first meal together, and we
hit it off even more than on the phone. Things went so well that we
decided to go on a real date, but I still was not sure if our
relationship would go far. A week after meeting in person, we met
again. This time it was at the Cathedral of St. Paul for Mass, and then
we went out to dinner. It was very nice. The dates kept coming and we
became "official". Then there was the first kiss, and then the first "I
love you." And Matt FINALLY shaved his sideburns!

Matt proposed
to me on May 27th. It was an evening at my parents cabin, and Matt took
me for a canoe ride. We paddled around and he gradually started
professing his love for me. Then he "accidentally" stuck the canoe in
the weeds along the river. After professing his immense, unending love
for me, he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. Naturally I
said "Yes, yes I will!!" Now we are getting married on January 14th at
the Cathedral, and we're both so happy. My life has changed in many
ways, but all of them have been good. Everyone we know points out how
much happier we are now, and what an amazing couple we make. It must be
a match made in heaven, literally (thank you Mary). To all those still
looking, I can only tell you to keep trying. You never know, the love
of your life might be a click away.

Our Nuptial Mass is set for
January 14th, 2006 at the Cathedral of Saint Paul with Archbishop Harry
J. Flynn presiding. Thank you Catholic Match for helping us find our
true love! It does work! Please pray for us! We are praying for you.


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