A Name Without a Face


I know that God brought us together…

sent me (Selwyn) a friendship request and quite a bit of smiles
thereafter. I was very reluctant to contact her however, as she did not
have a pic and I wanted to know what she looked like. After a couple of
months, it just got too intriguing for me not to find out who this
person was, so I took the plunge and contacted her.

Our first
telephone conversation was on the 28th of May, 2005, and what a
revelation it was to me. We just hit it off right from the word go. We
spoke for an hour and a half. Thereafter, due to circumstances and
prior commitments and the fact that Arlene didn't have a mobile we
could only chat again on Monday. By Wednesday I knew that I had found
the person who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was
amazing: here I'd met someone, didn't know what she looked like, and I
was madly in love with her.

We arranged to meet in June and on
the 15th I met her for the first time. By this time we already knew
that we wanted to marry each other and the meeting was a formality, yet
very nerve wracking at the same time. One thing I can say is that
through the grace of God, our feelings weren't changed by our
meeting–in fact it just grew stronger. We live 1600km apart so it is a
bit difficult getting to meet. I spent a glorious two weeks in Cape
Town and we planned for Arlene to visit me in August.

Well, she
came down during August, she met my family and we had a great time
together. Unbeknownst to Arlene I planned to ask her to marry me before
she returned home. She is consecrated to Mary, so it is significant
that the day was on the Assumption of our Lady. So I took her to a nice
restaurant, got on my knees, and asked for her hand in marriage.

know that God brought us together and the fact that we complement each
other so well is indicative of God's plan for us. I pray that this site
will go from strength to strength because it is truly blessed.

Our Wedding Date is set for 02 September 2006 but it could be sooner, God willing.


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