A Young Girl’s Prayer


A Young Girl's Prayer

..as soon as I met David I understood. .

I (Wendy) am almost thirty years old, and had all but given up on
finding that special someone who would fulfill all my desires and share
my goals in life. I decided to try this dating service in the hopes of
just finding someone that I could hang out with and that I shared a
common faith with.
To my delight and surprise, David came
along. It started when I received a notification he had browsed my
profile. I must admit at the beginning, I hated that everyone I looked
at received a message that I had done so. But because of this, David
came into my life. He didn't send me a message, but when I saw that
he'd looked at my profile I looked at his and was intrigued to learn
more so I e-mailed him. It didn't take long for either of us to realize
that something very special was happening, unlike anything either of us
had ever experienced before.
The more we learned about each
other, the more we realized how very similar we are. From the time I
was very young (about 12) I started praying to God that he would watch
over my future husband, prepare him for me, and I for him and, until we
met, keep him safe and let him make good decisions. David is the man I
prayed for all these years and have finally had the privilege of
meeting. I am at a loss for words when it comes to describing the type
of man he is. For the first time, I am so in love.
I used to
think people that knew immediately upon meeting, that they would marry
were crazy, but as soon as I met David I understood. He has completed
my life and I can't wait to start ours. We are giving this relationship
time and taking things slow, but we have the rest of our lives, so
there is no hurry. But David is the man I will someday have the utmost
privilege of marrying, and I couldn't ask for a better man.
We're going on 6 months now and I love this man more and more everyday.
We both continue to be so thankful for having each other come into our
lives and we have your service to thank!


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