A Place to Meet


I asked if I could court her…

Friends knew that I (Alba) had subscribed to StRaphael.net (Catholic
Match's previous name), and that I had traveled some across the United
States and Canada to visit Catholic ladies, whom I met through the
site. My bride, though, had done some significant traveling of her own,
and had come to Maryland via California and Central America.

We met at a dinner party arranged by friends from our local Rosary
Prayer group, and ended that first evening by praying the Rosary
together. I found out she was a pediatrican from Central America, and
had come to the United States to further her studies. Over the next
several months, I visited her. We would go to Mass together, and
participate in activities arranged by local Catholic groups such as the
Knights of Columbus, Legion of Mary, and the St. Catherine and St.
Lawrence Societies.

Eventually I asked if I could court her, which she accepted. A few
months later we become engaged, and were married in August 2004.


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