Perfect Provision


God had other plans…

I (Shawn) first began logging onto CM, I was just looking for friends that
could help me grow in my faith. I had only been in the church for about
a year, and still had many questions that I wanted answered. I was
single but not really looking for anything serious. Well, God had other
plans. Through the times that I was asking and growing, he knew exactly
what was in store for me.

I actually met a friend of Emma's on
this site first and we began to talk a little bit. After a few emails,
Emma and I were introduced and things took off–not according to our
plans, but God's plan. Emma was going to school. She was perfectly
content being single, and not looking for a relationship, but with my
persistence and God's wonders, we began dating.

We both now know
it is all God, and there can be no other answer to our story. So, as
Emma likes to say (and it makes perfect sense) we need to put hope and
faith into God because he will provide; not necessarily what we want,
but what we need. So I thank God for her, and as we plan for our
October 7, 2006 wedding (Feast of the Holy Rosary) I ask for all your
prayers to help us to continue growing in our faith, and on our journey
home to heaven.


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