A Fortunate Accident


It truly amazes me how God unites hearts in time. Dave and I (Victoria)
met briefly about six years ago. It was an accidental meeting. Yes,
accidental; I was working at a retreat center, and also learning how to
drive (a cemetery may have been a better place). Dave was doing
volunteer work at the same retreat center for a couple of months. He
thought that it would be safe to park his car there.Well, not with me
around! I was learning how to park and ran right into his car.

had never talked to him before and was quite nervous when I went to
find him, and tell him I'd dented his car door. However, he was very
sweet about everything, and told me not to worry about it.

eventually went our separate ways, with him joining the Coast Guard,
while I entered a Franciscan convent. After four years, God called me
back into the world. I joined Catholic Match in February 2005…and in
May he emailed me asking if I remembered him. Of course I did!!! How
could I forget him. The accident seemed to have left a "deep
impression" on each of us, as well as on Dave's car. God must have had
it all planned out!!! I truly believe it was all God's providence…

We plan to get married January 21st 2006.


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